Candy Bar Pick-Up - April 13th

Posted by South Milwaukee Little League on Apr 08 2019 at 02:48PM PDT

For all those who chose to fund raise – this Saturday is candy bar pick-up.

Where: SMLL park
When: 10am – 11:30am

See attached for more information


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2019-04-08T14:51:35.000-07:00April 08 2019, at 02:51 PM PDT, AMY WHITINGER said:

So what are we supposed to do if both my wife and I work during that timeframe?

2019-04-08T15:11:58.000-07:00April 08 2019, at 03:11 PM PDT, AMANDA THEYS said:

We won’t be able to get there until around/after 12:00 for candy bar pick up due to a prior commitment

2019-04-08T15:24:14.000-07:00April 08 2019, at 03:24 PM PDT, AMANDA THEYS said:

Also, let me make sure I’m understanding this candy bar thing. It’s our first year participating.

We give you a check for $400 (I have 2 kids in LL) and you hold it for a month. We then sell the candy bars and keep the money from the candy bars to cover the check, correct??

2019-04-08T16:18:47.000-07:00April 08 2019, at 04:18 PM PDT, NOEL BETTINGER said:

I would like to sell candy bars if there are extra. Thanks!