Candy Bars for Sale

Posted by South Milwaukee Little League on Jun 10 2019 at 11:34AM PDT

We have a few remaining candy bar boxes that we are selling at cost – $30. If you have fulfilled your fundraising responsibilities and are interested in purchasing please see one of your board members.



2019-06-10T11:41:25.000-07:00June 10 2019, at 11:41 AM PDT, Vanessa Al-Saadi said:

This is Aaliyah Al-Saadi mother Vanessa and we will take some we never got none. So whatever we are suppose to sell please send or bring to game and I can bring a check with me. Thanks!
Vanessa Al-Saadi

2019-06-10T12:46:12.000-07:00June 10 2019, at 12:46 PM PDT, Emerald Mills said:

Emerald Mills mother of Juelz Peterson will also take a box.