This Weekend - Cancelled

Posted by Jim Snead Jr. on May 11 2018 at 02:30PM PDT in 2018 Little League Season

That’s All Folk’s…

Mother Nature was not on our side the last two years. We are officially cancelled this weekend, and with (5) guys joining the High School Team next week, this is the end.

I’m very disappointed to end it this way, I really wanted a better memory than last weekend. Guess it’s going to have to be one hell of a party. I will be in touch for a Jr. Rocket Celebration of some sort, I have a few ideas, I will review with the coaches and get something on the calendar soon.

Thanks for everything over the years, just the beginning of our friendships. I look forward to sitting in the stands with you all cheering on the boys at the next level and beyond.

Good luck next week to all the Freshman, keep me posted on team selections.

Here is a quick history of our current 10 players:

Austin Priess 2013-2018
Nate Snead 2013-2018
Avery Llanas 2014-2018
Jayden Janusiak 2014-2018
Ethan Roe 2015-2018
Hunter Zanoni 2015-2016, 2018
Joe Menoyo 2015-2018
Joe Lerma 2017-2018
Ted Rosploch 2017-2018
Michael Wagner 2017-2018

2013 was the start of the Jr. Rocket program, proud to be part of it from the beginning.

Thank you to all the parents, extended family, and Friends for all the support over the last (6) years.

Special Thanks to Aaron, Brian, Al, and Harrison.


2018-05-11T14:32:25.000-07:00May 11 2018, at 02:32 PM PDT, Emily Running said:

I’m actually sad. I will miss everyone. Had a lot of good times. I have gifts for the coaches from the players and parents. Please keep me posted on a celebration so we can give them to you.

2018-05-11T14:37:29.000-07:00May 11 2018, at 02:37 PM PDT, Julie Preiss said:

Amen to those comments… guys are all family and will always be family…..its sad to end on crumby weather…..but over the years that I’ve had the opportunity to coach each of your sons….its been a huge honor….a great bunch of young men that all the parents have raised…..Its also been a huge huge honor to coach with some of the best guys…..Coach Jim…..Coach Al….coach Brian….and also coach Harrison for being there to help out…..Here’s to the new chapter for some of these guys going into the high school baseball season……again….big thank you to everyone over the years that have come out and supported there kids…..

Coach Aaron….out…..

2018-05-11T14:41:02.000-07:00May 11 2018, at 02:41 PM PDT, Julie Preiss said:

So sad, I can’t believe it is officially over. Thanks to all the coaches for a wonderful experience and all the great memories!