Schattschneider Tournament

Posted by Rangers 2018 on Jun 15 2018 at 09:43AM PDT in 2018 Little League Season

Hey team, we are currently tied for fourth place in the league so we will be playing next Thursday night at 530 in the first night of the tournament. The Tournament is 2 loss elimination so we will have at least 2 games.

The tentative schedule for the next couple weeks will be as follows:

Saturday – practice 10am
Wednesday – 530 at Diamond 1 vs Cubs (if we lose will be the 5th seed)

Thursday – 530 at Diamond 1 or 3

A win means…

Play Saturday at 9am

A loss means…

Play Saturday at 12pm

If we stay in the winners bracket (meaning we keep winning) we would play 26th through 28th (a win in the first game and loss in the second scenario would add a game on the 25th) – all games in week 2 are 530 pm

I say all of that to say that there is a lot going on and I know life can be very busy for everyone. The Tournament has strict rules regarding borrowing players so please let me know early if you can’t make it so I can figure out possible solutions.

Have a great day

Coach Chris


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